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Careers at Storytell

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Customer Experience Specialist

Full stack Engineer/Frontend Architect

Senior UX Architect

Life at Storytell

Life at Storytell

We are here to Distill Signal from Noise and we'd love to have you join our Crew.

Storytell is an early-stage venture-backed startup with some incredible investors including Eric Ries and Brian McClendonWe are looking for incredible people who share our values, including:

We are building a remote-friendly company. The Founders are based in the San Francisco Bay area and we work in a distributed manner across several US time zones.



Have Questions? 

We know that joining an early-stage startup can be a special kind of exhilarating + scary. One of our core values is defaulting to transparency, and we do that in our candidate interview process as well.

We've created this special knowledgebase just for you, filled with questions and answers from past candidates, so you can get answers to questions you didn't even know you had. 

We've got you, because at Storytell, everyone is Crew.


Visa Sponsorship

Storytell will be happy to support you in an H1B (or similar) visa transfer/sponsorship process -- in fact, it is very important to us because our CTO, Jing, has been through the process himself.

  • In addition to the H1B transfer, we can petition you to become a permanent resident in the United States (Form I-140) once you've worked for Storytell 1 year.

Our immigration attorney specializes in business immigration for startups and has practiced business immigration law for over 20 years, including leading business immigration delivery for companies like Salesforce, EA, Autodesk, and other top Silicon Valley companies. 


Compensation, Benefits & Perks

We believe in taking care of our Crew so you can focus on doing the best work of your career. Here's how we do that:

  • Compensation - We believe in paying for the job to be done, which means that we pay "above average" wages for each role no matter where you live. Here's how we calculate that:

    • We choose the #1 most expensive job market in each country

    • We pay at the 65th percentile for that market -- no matter where in the country you live

Example: In the United States, San Francisco is the most expensive job market. So no matter where you live in the US, we'll pay you based on the 65th percentile (i.e., "above average") pay for the job in the SF market.

  • Equity - We offer our crew “Restricted Stock” grants instead of “Stock Options.” This is typically much better for you from a tax perspective — ask us for details or learn more about equity grants here.

  • Additionally, as an early-stage company hiring early employees, we offer a special perk: Upon accepting an offer from us, you can choose to either uplevel your cash compensation (up to 14% above our offer) or your equity grant (up to 70% above our offer) based on a sliding scale -- the earlier you are, the larger the upleveling grant that's available to you. This is our way of thanking our earliest hires for joining our Crew at the beginning of Storytell's journey!

This special "Upleveling" perk for our earliest hires is why you'll see a compensation range in our job descriptions. You can choose the base cash number and uplevel your equity, or choose the base equity level and uplevel your cash compensation.

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision - We cover 99.00% of the premium of the “Platinum” plan for our crew and 75.00% of the premium plan for your dependents.

  • Life Insurance - We cover 100% of the premium for our crew.

  • 401(k) - We automatically enroll new Crew into the 401k program (at a 6% of the total salary rate) unless you decide not to do it within the first 10 days of hire.

    • 🎊 Storytell will match 100% of your 401(k) contribution up to the first 3% of your salary per year and match an additional 50% of your 401(k) contribution for the next 2% of your salary per year.

  • We provide various company perks!

    • FREE companion airline ticket to company events.

    • WeWork space locally.

    • Personal company laptop, monitor, desk — whatever reasonable accommodations you need to do your best work.

    • We pay for an annual Instacart or Amazon Prime membership to make things more efficient for the household.

    • Our Triage team will help handle personal tasks so you can be focused on doing your best work.

Our "Future Founder" Promise

Meet the Founders

Want to see Storytell in action?

We ran this Storytell Report on the video above. It turned the video into 14 Story Tiles™.

Image 2022-11-14 at 4.29.57 PM.jpg

Our "Future Founder" Promise

FC Logo Cropped-transparent-1000px.png

We really believe in the power of Founders to change the world -- it's what we are doing at Storytell. That's why we are proud to be sponsors of FounderCulture and participate in the Future Founder Promise, which means that we will support your journey to become a Founder someday.

Learn more about how we approach employees working on side projects while at Storytell.

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