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Transform your content into whatever you want!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

First, we gave you Storytell reports.

Then, we gave you a magic button: Transform this into a blog post.

Now, we're offering you real magic: putting you at the controls.

If our Storytell bot is running in your Slack channel or workspace, every time you drop any of the content types below, Storytell will ask you how you'd like to transform it.

We currently support these types of content -- and we're adding integrations all the time:

  • YouTube video URL

  • Zoom Recording URL

  • CloudApp URL

  • MP4 upload

  • .txt File attachment

  • Any long block of text -- or long Slack message

  • Slack audio or video recording

Want to get creative? Remix your Story Tiles! You can turn your Zoom recording into a joke. Or a song. Or a Haiku. Or a mystery!

(FYI we're building the functionality to set automatic preferences but it's not live yet.)

Except for the full report, your content will appear as an attachment in the Slack thread, like so:

Enjoy! And report back -- we welcome feedback in any direction.

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