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Wednesday, November 15th, 10am PT

How Sales Leaders, AEs, AMs, Sales Engineers and RevOps can leverage AI & LLMs to beat quota and sell more effectively

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What if you could nail the pitch, every time? 
What if you knew the answer to every prospect question?

In this webinar, we'll cover how sales leaders, AEs, AMs and RevOps leaders can use SmartChat™ to gain:

  • Product Knowledge: SmartChat ensures your team has in-depth knowledge of the product, improving sales pitches and demos.

  • Customer Insights: SmartChat can deliver real-time customer insights, helping sales leaders understand customer needs and preferences.

  • Competitive Analysis: SmartChat can provide quick and easy access to competitive analysis, helping sales teams stay ahead of the competition.

  • Sales Enablement: SmartChat can serve as a powerful sales enablement tool, providing sales reps with the information they need when they need it.

  • Sales Training: SmartChat serves as an effective tool for onboarding new sales reps, providing instant answers to product-related questions.

  • Lead Qualification: SmartChat can help sales leaders quickly qualify leads by providing instant access to relevant data.

Webinar Host

Erika Anderson, our Chief Customer Officer at, is passionate about the intersection of AI and product management. With her unique perspective on AI utilization in product development and her hands-on experience in shaping customer-centric products, she brings invaluable insights to the table.


With a rich background in writing and facilitation, Erika has a knack for simplifying complex AI capabilities into actionable insights sales managers and customer success leaders can utilize to drive revenue growth.

In our upcoming webinar tailored for revenue operations managers, Erika will explore how Large Language Models (LLMs) can be utilized to analyze complex revenue data and gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment. Join us as we delve into the art of harnessing AI to fuel your revenue operations and achieve your team's financial goals.

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